October 2007

October 1, 2007

Dear Praying Friends,

Summer has passed quickly and we are thankful for the many blessings from the Lord.  We were in Georgia most of June and July.  Dotty’s 104-year-old aunt went to be with the Lord on June 12, so we were in Americus, Georgia for her funeral.  Afterwards we enjoyed a week of vacation with Chuck, Janice and their family at Lake Oconee and Madison, Georgia where they live.

The remaining weeks of June and July were spent visiting churches in Athens and as far northwest as Dalton, Georgia.  It was great to be in the Toccoa area for one week where my father had been director from 1945-1955 of the Lake Louise Bible Conference Grounds, which was owned by R. G. Letourneau.  It brought back many memories of my youth.  It was there that I was saved and received the Lord’s call to be a missionary.  We are thankful that the book, Becoming a Christian, was well received by 45 pastors throughout this entire trip.  It afforded me with many opportunities to preach and to encourage pastors to get their church members involved in one-on-one home Bible classes with the unsaved.

Our supply of Spanish books was completely depleted during our trip, so we have been revising the lessons for a new printing.  We have worked hard every day for the past 7 weeks on making changes in our Spanish book.  Last week we sent the finished manuscripts to the publisher for printing.  It was a big job, but we trust it will be a blessing to many. The Lord willing we will receive 4,000 copies from the printer by the end of October.

We have some real good news about a new ministry in which we are now involved.  After several months of deliberation the Chaplin, who is director over all the Texas State Prison System, just called to tell me that he has received final permission to have my book, Becoming a Christian, placed in all of the libraries of the 105 State Prisons of Texas.  One of our friends, when hearing about this opportunity, gave a sizable donation providing these prisons with two copies in English and one in Spanish, but also has offered a book in either language to any prisoner who desires to have his own copy.    We would like to set a goal of having Becoming a Christian placed free-of-charge in every state and federal prison in the United States.  If you desire to have a part in this new phase of our ministry, please contact us by phone, letter or e-mail.

Prayer and Praise

  1. Praise for the Lord’s help as we completed the new Spanish revision of Becoming a Christian.
  2. Pray that the printing of the new revision in Spanish will go well.
  3. Pray for the new phase of our ministry, as Becoming a Christian will be available for inmates to study in all of the State Prisons of Texas.   Pray that many inmates will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.
  4. Pray for a new Spanish speaking church here in the Saint Petersburg area where we are presently helping.  It is always a privilege to be able to preach from time to time in Spanish.
  5. Praise the Lord for new couples that have been won to the Lord in Guadalajara and for continued growth in all areas of the ministry.  Please remember to pray for Pastor Miguel as he shoulders so many responsibilities.
  6. Praise the Lord that we recently had our annual physical exam and we both passed it with flying colors!

Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support.  We sincerely appreciate your partnership in this ministry.  It has been vital in making this ministry possible.  God has been so very good to us during these past months of challenges and blessings.

Sincerely in Christ,

Myron and Dotty Philippi