August 2009

August 14, 2009

Dear Praying Friends,

We are so very thankful to God for you and for the part that you have in our ministry.  What a blessing you are in our lives!  We know that you are praying for us as we give out the true Light of the Gospel.

The Lord is giving us many opportunities to serve Him and to challenge individuals and churches to have home Bibles studies with those who do not know the Lord.  We are thankful for the opportunities to help in a Spanish church nearby where I preach one Sunday morning each month.   On Tuesday evenings we are having Bible studies with two different families here in Saint Petersburg.  At 7:00 p.m. Dotty teaches the wife in Spanish using the book, Becoming a Christian, while I teach her husband the same lessons in English.  It is such a joy to see how God is transforming their lives and home now that they are saved.  At 8:30 p.m. we walk to the next mobile home and have a Bible study with a Mexican couple and their two teenagers.  What a blessing to see God work in their hearts and lives!  Their enthusiasm is contagious!

We continue to receive orders for more books from prisons, churches and individuals who are using Becoming a Christian in their evangelistic outreach.  Also, many pastors are using it as a textbook to teach basic doctrine to their entire Sunday School.  Their goal is to have their members teach this material to their neighbors and friends and win them to Christ. Dotty and I are working hard to finish a new revision of Becoming a Christian in both English and Spanish.  This is a very laborious task since every sentence has to be carefully checked.  I am also including additional helps on some subjects.

Last week I flew to Charlotte, North Carolina for meetings in three different English and Spanish speaking churches. They really kept me busy as I preached nine different times. While there I had the opportunity to do some counseling and to have a Bible study in one of the homes.  Our schedule for the next few months continues to fill up as the Lord gives us new opportunities to serve Him.  In November we look forward to going to New Hampshire where I will be holding a conference on evangelism.  In February we look forward to attending the wedding of our granddaughter in Georgia.  The Lord willing, the last of February I will be returning to the Dominican Republic for two weeks of meetings.  In April, Dotty and I are scheduled to go to Guadalajara for three weeks of meetings, which includes an eight-day Bible conference in our church.  We continue to enjoy close contact with our dear brethren in Guadalajara through the computer communication program, Skype.  Pastor Miguel is faithfully leading the church and it is growing.  They just finished their Family Camp with many blessings.

We have been pleasantly surprised and blessed these past months by a number of past acquaintances who have called us to share memories from years ago when God allowed us to work with them in Venezuela and Mexico.  Many of them we remembered quickly, others we did not.  Some told us how God used us in ways in which we were not aware.  It behooves us to be faithful to share the Gospel daily!  Imagine the great reunion that awaits all of us in Heaven with those who were saved and/or helped at a time of need in their life. To God be the glory!

Please continue to pray for Dotty’s eyes. Six years ago Dotty lost the central vision in her left eye. Since March she continues to receive monthly injections in her right eye to combat wet macular degeneration.  We are very thankful that her eye has improved.  We are grateful to each of you for your faithful prayers and continued backing of our ministry through your support.  Thank you so very much!

Yours in His Service,

Pastor Myron & Dotty Philippi