August 2011

Aug 20, 2011

Dear Praying Friends,                     

This has been a short summer!  There is much for which to praise the Lord. Thank you so much for your prayers at this special time in our ministry. Our God-given desire is clearly expressed in Psalm 26:7: That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works.

During these past 8 months we have been carefully revising my book, Becoming a True Christian, in both the English and Spanish languages.  We have worked hard to correlate the English and Spanish books.  We praise the Lord that the book in English is finished, and the Lord willing, within the next two weeks we will be completing the Spanish edition.  It is very tedious work to be at the computer so many hours each day.  I asked the Lord to enable me to be thorough and clear in my teaching.  If it were not for the Lord’s help, and also getting out to walk for two miles each morning, I would have never been able to carry out such a task at this time in my life. How thankful I am for Dotty’s help!

In the past years we have always shipped the book, Becoming a True Christian, to different countries as we received orders; however, the cost of shipping and customs has risen so high that it has become prohibitive.   Because of this problem we have come up with the idea of challenging missionaries to have it printed locally. After much prayer and consideration the Board members of “Becoming a Christian Organization, Inc.” concurred with the idea of offering the book, Becoming a True Christian, to as many missionaries as possible to be translated and printed in their country of ministry.  Our organization is offering a matching grant to them for the printing of the first 2,000 books. Of course, in order to have such a project carried out, the funds need to be supplied.  Therefore, we are presenting this need, asking that you prayerfully consider what part you might have in this important project.  This resource has great potential for evangelistic outreach using it in home Bible studies with the unsaved, for basic discipleship, and for the edification of saints. We have presently sent books and PDF files of Becoming a True Christian to 50 missionaries in many different countries. We are already receiving good responses from missionaries, expressing their desire to take advantage of this opportunity.  Please contact us as the Lord leads you to be a vital part of this new outreach ministry.  All gifts should be sent directly to the above address.

Since April, I have been holding 5 home Bible studies each week with 19 unsaved individuals and families.  God is using this material in an unusual way in their lives. Since most of them are faithfully attending church with us, our pastor gave me a Sunday School class with all of the newcomers, which has been well received. Please pray for their salvation. Dotty enjoys teaching her Sunday School class with Junior-age children.

We have been staying in this area during the past months for we are still caring for my elderly aunt.  She has been in a nursing home since April, shortly before her 101st birthday.  She is in a wheelchair, but has unusually good health for her age.  She so definitely desires to go to be with the Lord, but we keep reminding her that this will happen when the Lord so wills.  We continually thank the Lord for her many friends from Starkey Road Baptist Church, who faithfully visit and spend time with her.

Please continue to pray especially for Pastor Miguel, whose dear wife went to be with the Lord six months ago.  Pray that God brings another helpmate into his life, if it is His will.

We are grateful for your faithful support and continued prayers on our behalf.  May God richly bless you!

Sincerely yours in His Service, 

Pastor Myron & Dotty Philippi