December 2011

Dear Praying Friends,

During this Thanksgiving season we were meditating upon the Lord’s bountiful blessings toward us this past year, and we praise Him for all He has done. We thank you for your faithful prayers for us and for the sacrificial way that you have supported us. Our God-given desire is clearly expressed in Philippians
4:17: Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account. We daily thank the Lord for you!

Several have asked about the progress regarding the offer that Becoming a Christian Organization has made to the many missionaries on different fields throughout the world. Several missionaries have had time to review the book and have responded expressing their desire to have the book, Becoming a True Christian, printed in their country of ministry. We realize that this will take time. Many will have to translate the book into the language where they are serving and also raise 50% of the cost for the first printing of 2,000 books. We trust that through the donations that you give toward this project, Becoming a
Christian Organization will be able to provide the other 50% of the printing cost. Thank you so very much for your love-offerings, which make it possible to reach many more lost souls around the world.

I continue to hold three Bible classes with unsaved families each week using the book, Becoming a True Christian. We trust that they will soon make that important decision to trust Jesus Christ as their Savior. Pray that God will do a heart-searching work in their lives as I teach them and others in the Newcomers Sunday School class. Dotty really enjoys teaching her Sunday School class of Junior age children.

On November 3rd I flew to Ketchikan, Alaska and then took the ferry to the island of Metlakatla where I preached 3 times on Sunday at the Bible Baptist Church.

On Monday, I returned to Ketchikan for a great five-day missionary conference at Gateway Baptist Church, along with two other missionaries. Afterwards, we all flew to Craig, Alaska for another wonderful three-day missionary conference at New Hope Baptist Church. After arriving back home in Florida on Saturday I was able to share with Dotty how the Lord had blessed in all of these meetings. Since our pastor was on vacation, the next day I preached in all three services in our home church. Then, on Wednesday Dotty and I flew to San Antonio, Texas where I preached on Thanksgiving night in a
Spanish speaking Baptist church for a united service with other churches. From Friday through Sunday we held a special Bible conference and Seminar at La Iglesia Bautista Corintios. The Lord richly blessed each service with many decisions to faithfully serve Him and hold one-on-one Bible classes with the unsaved. Thank you for your prayers for us during these special opportunities of ministry both in Alaska, San Antonio and here in St. Petersburg. We are grateful for your faithful support and continued prayers
on our behalf. May God richly bless you!

May you have a wonderful Christmas season and a blessed New Year!

Sincerely yours in His Service,

Myron & Dotty

Pastor Myron & Dotty Philippi

Baptist World Mission P.O. Box 2149 Decatur, AL 35602

Becoming a Christian Org., Inc.


December 2, 2011

Metlakatla, Alaska is a community of Tsimshian people who followed a missionary, Mr. William Duncan, of the Anglican Church of England to a new home in the United States from their previous home in British Columbia, Canada. The United States Congress granted recognition to the new community in 1891 by creating the Annette Islands Reserve, a federal Indian reservation. Today it is the only reservation in the State of Alaska. The community has prospered due to an abundance of natural and human resources. Its people exhibit a great variety and diversity of skills in numerous fields, from native art in the ancient style to advanced computer skills necessary for today’s communications and business requirements.

P.S. Family news and prayer requests are on the next page.


We are enjoying good of health that the Lord has given to us as we continue to serve Him. Dotty continues to receive special injections each month in her right eye for the wet macular degeneration, and it has gradually improved her vision. We thank the Lord daily for the excellent specialist that we have.

In the early days of October we received a letter from the South Carolina State Fair, along with two tickets inviting us to a special awards ceremony that was to be held on October 16 for the announcement of the first-place winners of an essay contest relating to the “Greatest Grandfather of the Year.” The next day we receive a call from our daughter, Beverly, telling us that we needed to attend, for our grandson, Nathan, had won first place among 6,000 entries in the South Carolina high school essay contest. We want to share with you his essay, which he read to the many people present in the fairground stadium.


By: Nathan Beasley

My grandfather, Myron Philippi, is an evangelical missionary who has served his adult life in North and South America for the Lord. He has planted many churches in Venezuela, Mexico, and in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is a pilot, having logged over 5,000 hours flying in and out of isolated villages deep in the Amazon jungles and the plains of Venezuela to reach them with the Gospel.

While serving as pastor in Guadalajara, Mexico he authored the evangelism guide titled Becoming a Christian, in Spanish, English, and Russian. Besides the wide use of this book throughout North and South America, copies also sit today in every State prison library throughout Texas and Florida; personal free copies are sent to any prisoner who requests one to study. To the present date the total publication of this book has been over 50,000 copies, representing a global impact we cannot hope to measure.

Even apart from the countless services he has provided to the disadvantaged people of the world, he has been a spiritual and moral guide in my own life, always a call away whenever I need his advice, even if we are separated by continents or oceans. For his public service and undying passion for the lost, it would be difficult to dispute that Myron Philippi should be named the Greatest Grandparent of the Year.

You can imagine our thrill as Nathan stood and read his essay to honor his grandpa. Nathan received a television and I received a plaque that states the following:

After being with our family in South Carolina we traveled to Buckhead, Georgia to visit Chuck and Janice and to enjoy our newborn great-grandson, Grayson, and his proud parents, Rebekah and Jason Kilpatrick.

Prayer Requests:

1. Pray for those missionaries, who are translating the book, Becoming a True Christian, into many different languages and prepare it for printing.

2. Pray for 50 home Bible classes that are being taught by members of our church in Guadalajara. We praise the Lord for the way the church continues to grow. Please pray for Pastor Miguel Camacho.

3. Pray that the Lord will give me wisdom as I accept meetings for this next year, mainly when to say, “No.”

4. Please pray for Dotty’s eyes as the doctor will be administering a new medication that may bring even better results.

5. Pray that I will have special wisdom as I answer correspondence from individuals, who have moral and spiritual problems, throughout the Americas.


Greatest Grandfather Of The Year

Presented By The National Bank of South Carolina, WIS-TV and S.C. State Fair October 16, 2011