March 2003

March 17, 2003

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you so very much for your part in this ministry.  We appreciate more than you can ever know your interest, your prayers, and faithful support.  Our hearts have been full to overflowing with joy and gratitude for what God has done in our ministry.   The steps that we have taken have been both joyous and difficult.

STEP 1 – The questioning and the ordination of Miguel Angel Camacho went exceptionally well.  It was a rich spiritual time as we experienced God’s blessings on the whole process.  On Saturday, March 1, the ordination board met, composed of Pastor Victor LaBelle, Pastor Donald Holmes, Pastor Crisóforo Ramirez, the Board of Deacons from our church and Pastor Mario L. Philippi. The intensive questioning lasted for more than three hours.  All of the pastors commented that they had never seen a candidate for ordination so well prepared.

Sunday morning, March 2, we started the morning service early in order to get everything into the program for the ordination.  Most of the brethren had never before seen an ordination. It was great to see more than 350 in church!  We could not have a dinner at the church because we are in the process of making major changes in our present classroom building; however, immediately after the ordination, 112 of us went to the Sirloin Stockade buffet restaurant where we enjoyed a good meal and a wonderful time of fellowship.

STEP 2 – Yesterday, March 16, we had a business meeting after the morning service for the purpose of presenting my resignation as pastor of the church, effective as of May 18, 2003.  Even though I had read a “Letter of Intent” in January 2002, it was still difficult for them to face our leaving. The Board then read a letter recommending that Pastor Miguel Angel Camacho be called as pastor of the church. We praise the Lord that the church was unanimous in calling him as pastor.  Pastor Miguel Camacho was led to the Lord by one of our members and soon started attending faithfully all the services in our church.  He immediately began studying in our Bible Institute and since that time has been growing by leaps and bounds.  For 12 years Miguel’s greatest desire has been to serve the Lord, applying all he has learned to the ministry.

STEP 3 – At the same business meeting, Luis Canul was called to be the Assistant Pastor, replacing Pastor Miguel.  Twenty-one years ago I led Luis Canul to the Lord. A few years later I led his wife, Dolores, to the Lord. He and his wife have been attending our Bible Institute since it began 14 years ago. Luis has been a faithful deacon for many years. For the past three years he and his wife have been in charge of a mission work in the nearby town of Tala. He presently owns his own business and desires to serve the Lord with all his heart here in the ministry on a part-time basis, without salary. We praise the Lord for their three fine young people who love the Lord and share the same burden for the ministry as their parents.  Their oldest son, Jonathan, feels called to be a pastor.  He is presently finishing college and at the same time faithfully attending our Bible Institute.

STEP 4 – The church voted to honor me as their Pastor Emeritus.   We began having Bible studies in various homes twenty-three years ago. After I led Salvador Santana to the Lord in one of our Bible studies, little by little we started holding Sunday services in our home. Now we are blessed with a large church building and an average attendance of 300.  Pastor Miguel has requested that we stay in Guadalajara until the last week of August in order to help with the Daily Vacation Bible School and with Family Bible Camp in August.  I will also be able to help him with this important transition.  They have already invited us to return for a Bible conference next year!

STEP 5 – Even though I will be turning 70 this year, we are looking forward to starting a new ministry after we return to the United States in August.  This year we are completing 48 years in the ministry, and we desire with all our heart to continue to serve the Lord as long as we are possibly able.  We will be sharing more of our plans in our next letter.

Thank you so very much for your prayers for Dotty while she was in Florida for treatment of wet-type macular degeneration.  She was not aware that her right eye was compensating for the fact that she had lost the central vision in her left eye.  She had no pain but just noticed that her vision was blurred.  In February she made an emergency trip to St. Petersburg, Florida, where she received photodynamic therapy (PDT) in her left eye.  It is not a cure; however, Visudyne PDT hopefully will decrease the chances of progressive visual loss.  She is to return again on May 20 to possibly have another treatment.  It usually takes repeated treatments to stop wet-type macular degeneration.  We will appreciate your continued prayers. As you may remember, I found out last summer that I have dry-type macular degeneration.  We are taking special vitamins, eating lots of green vegetables (especially spinach), and watching our blood pressure and cholesterol as we have been advised.

Thank you so very much for your prayers for the new pastor of our church.  Thank you for praying for us and for the ministry here in Guadalajara.  It is a blessing to have you as an important part of this ministry. There are several requests mentioned below that we will appreciate your keeping before the Lord. If you have visited our website,, it would be interesting to receive your comments. If you ever miss one of our Prayer and News Letter, it will always be on our website.

Thank you again for your faithful prayers and support for us and for this ministry.

With grateful hearts for His wonderful blessings,

Myron and Dotty Philippi


  1. Praise the Lord for His direction step by step as we turn this work over to national leadership.  Please pray for Pastor Miguel Angel Camacho and Clemen during this time of transition.  Pray that our people will fully turn to Pastor Miguel for advice and guidance.  We praise the Lord foranswered prayer in February, making it possible for Miguel and Clemen to adopt a precious, healthy baby boy, Adrián! They told us that we cannot leave now, because we are the grandparents.
  2. Please pray for Brother Luis Canul as he serves as Assistant Pastor, and for his wife, Dolores, and their three children. 
  3. Please pray for Dotty and me as we seek the Lord’s will for our future ministry.  Please pray for wisdom in treating our problem with macular degeneration.
  4. Please continue to pray that the needed permits will soon be granted for the construction of our Sunday school addition.  Meanwhile, we are in the process of enlarging our old Sunday school building and putting on a new roof.
  5. Thank you for your continued prayers for Juan Magaña.  His cancer is in remission! He still cannot work because of his physical condition.
  6. Pray that the reprinting of the new Spanish edition of Becoming a Christian will go well.  Because of the large demand, we are printing 20,000 copies this time!

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