July 2003

July 7, 2003

Dear Praying Friends,

Even though we are turning 70 this year, we are not retiring!  God is directing us into a new ministry, and we are making plans to move to Florida in August.  For 48 years we have been involved in missionary work, and we are looking forward to many more years of service.  It is our desire to serve the Lord as long as He permits.  We will appreciate your prayers during this time of transition in our lives.

On May 18, I had the privilege of installing Pastor Miguel Angel Camacho as pastor of our church.  It has been a very smooth transition with many blessings.  Pastor Miguel has asked me to continue to preach Sunday nights and to teach one hour at the Monday night men’s class and one hour at the Bible Institute.  Dotty and I will also have an active part in our weeklong vacation Bible school in July and the family camp in August.  During the past six months, we have gradually remodeled our Sunday school building, making more efficient use of the space.  Pastor Miguel has directed this construction.  What busy months these have been!  It has been our privilege to have my father with us for two months.  He is in good health and will turn 99 this year.  In July he will return to Guatemala, where he lives with my brother, Paul, and his wife, Ruth.

On May 20, we flew to St. Petersburg, Florida, for the purpose of a special laser treatment for Dotty’s left eye. She lost her central vision because of wet macular degeneration, and we are doing everything possible to keep it from occurring in her right eye.  While we were in Seminole, we learned of a good opportunity to purchase a condominium and realized that the Lord was providing a place for us to live. We were able to purchase it because we had just sold our house in Guadalajara. We will be able to lock our doors and be free to travel as our ministry requires.  After we get settled, we plan to visit all of our supporting churches. We want to thank you personally for your faithful prayer and financial support.

What are our plans for a new ministry?  As you know, several years ago I wrote the book Becoming A Christian, first in the Spanish language and then in English, for the purpose of promoting Bible studies with the unsaved.  This book is being used as an evangelistic outreach of local churches in several Latin American and English-speaking countries.  Even though I was fully involved in our own church in Guadalajara, we have promoted this evangelism in a limited way here in Mexico with great results.  We feel the burden to continue this ministry in both Spanish- and English-speaking churches.  Many churches have discipleship classes with Christians; however, the purpose of this ministry is to reach the unsaved for the Lord with a solid teaching basis and direct them into the local church as soon as possible.  It has proved successful in all of the churches where they are using this tool.  Becoming a Christian has always been sold at cost to enable individuals, churches, and missionaries to purchase these books economically and use them freely.  Our desire is to aid the local churches with their evangelism program and to help their members to be built up in the faith.  We have had a good response on our Web site, which is another opportunity to reach others for Christ.

On August 25, the Lord willing, we will be leaving Guadalajara. It will be very difficult to say goodbye.  Baptist World Mission has granted us a furlough for one year upon our return to the States.  Our missionary status will not change.  We are continuing full-time in the ministry, and we trust that our supporting churches will desire to continue their support for us. Please pray for us as we complete our ministry in Guadalajara. Please make note of our new address: 6465 – 99th Way, 17B, Seminole, FL 33708-4569.  We do not have a telephone yet.

We will covet your prayers for the ministry here as it continues under the leadership of Pastor Miguel Camacho and Luis Canul, his assistant.  They are doing a fantastic job.

Sincerely in Christ,

Myron and Dotty Philippi



  1. Praise the Lord for a very smooth transition as Pastor Miguel Angel Camacho became the senior pastor of our church.
  2. Praise the Lord that the hearts of our people have fully turned to Pastor Miguel for advice and guidance.
  3. Please pray for Dotty and me as we complete our ministry in Guadalajara and seek God’s direction in our future ministry.
  4. Praise the Lord for His direction in finding a condominium in Seminole prior to our move in August.
  5. Praise the Lord for the big improvements that have been made in our Sunday school building over the past six months.  No permits were required for this work.
  6. Please pray that our Web site will be a tool to reach the lost for Christ and edify Christians.
  7. Please pray for 42 home Bible studies being taught by adults and teenagers from our church each week.
  8. Please pray for our vacation Bible school July 14-18.  Our goal is to reach 250 children this year.  We praise the Lord for all of the volunteer workers!
  9. Please pray for Pastor Miguel and the teachers as we prepare for the family Bible camp August 4-9.
  10. Please pray for both Myron and Dotty with the macular degeneration problem.
  11. Please pray for strength and wisdom for our final weeks in Guadalajara.