August 2004

August 21, 2004

Dear Praying Friends,

On Wednesday night, August 4, Dotty had chest pains on her right side that radiated from her back to the chest.  Since it was not on the left side, she did not want to go to the hospital.  After several recurrences on Thursday and Friday, I took her Friday noon to the emergency entrance of Community North Hospital here in Indianapolis.  After having very extensive tests for over 7 hours, the cause of her pain was still in question.  She has never had any history of heart problems before or in her family.  The doctor recommended that she be admitted to the Indiana Heart Hospital, a new hospital adjacent to the Community North Hospital.  Saturday afternoon they did a heart catheterization and found a blockage in one artery of 99.9% and all the others between 60% and 90%.

Because of the urgency of her situation, they put Dotty first in line for open-heart surgery on Monday morning.  She had a quintuple bypass.  It was very serious, but praise the Lord she did well.  She had a great team of doctors who cared for her, and with so many praying for her, she is pulling through it with no complications.  As far as the doctors could see, there was no heart damage or scarring.  I am extremely grateful that the life of my wife has been saved through the intervention of the hospital and staff.  I am also thankful to Medicare and our supplementary insurance of Blue Cross–Blue Shield, who will be paying for all these expenses.

We tried to contact everyone about Dotty’s heart attacks and the operation, which took place on August 9.  I brought her here to the missionary apartment of Colonial Hills Baptist Church on Sunday afternoon, August 15.  She is progressing under my care and that of a special home-care nurse who comes twice a week.  I thank the Lord that she is still with me!

Thank you so very much for your prayers and concern.  Our heartfelt thanks goes out for all the visits, cards, and flowers.  Please continue to pray for Dotty’s health.  The Lord willing, I will drive back to Florida after my last meeting on August 29, and then she will fly on September 2 to Tampa, where I will meet her at 11 p.m.  It will be great to get back home and begin Dotty’s needed therapy.

We are thankful for three months of good meetings with many important decisions.  We give God the honor and gratitude.  Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.  We have a very busy schedule planned for the remainder of the year.

Sincerely in Christ,

Myron and Dotty Philippi