Support without Money

Support Your Missionaries with Prayer.


  1. PROTECTION from Satanic attack
  2. ENABLEMENT in life and ministry
  3. FLEXIBILITY in relationships
  4. STRENGTH to stand firm in the midst of temptations and trials
  5. GOOD STEWARDS of God’s provisions for them
  6. EXCELLENT ATTITUDES of servanthood
  7. COMPATIBILITY with fellow workers
  8. HEART OF LOVE for all men
  9. BOLDNESS in preaching the Gospel
  10. FRUITFULNESS in service
  11. DAILY FILLING of the Holy Spirit for witnessing
  12. UNDERSTANDING the people and their culture
  13. DISCIPLINE in their personal life and devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ
  14. PROFICIENCY in use of languages
  15. PATIENCE with others
  16. SAFETY in travel
  17. COURAGE in danger
  18. HEALTH in soul, spirit and body
  19. SUPPORT adequate for all their needs
  20. Wisdom to work humbly with the nationals
  21. FAMILY home life
  22. CHILDREN at school or far from their parents
  23. VICTORY over the presence and power of sin
  24. ATTITUDES of Christ