Becoming A Christian

Becoming a True Christian:  Written by Pastor Myron L. Philippi, this book is a 172 page guide for group or personal one-on-one evangelism.  This fill-in-the-blank Bible study can be used successfully for Sunday School classes from juniors through adults.  This book can be a help in your preparation for messages and Bible studies.  Even though this workbook can be used for the discipleship and spiritual growth of the believer, the main purpose is for one-on-one evangelism of those who are not saved.  

Table of Contents:

  1. The True Christian
  2. The Universal Problem: Sin
  3. Examining the Heart.
  4. Who Are the Sons of God?
  5. Salvation:  The Spiritual Birth
  6. The Security of the True Christian
  7. Power to Overcome Temptations and Trials
  8. The Importance of Bible Study
  9. The Importance of Prayer
  10. The Responsibilities of the Believer

We pray that these lessons will help you to truly lead others to Christ, that He will become their Savior.  We desire to be an encouragement to you in your walk with the Lord.

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